About Us

Siddhi (सिद्धि) is a Sanskrit word that translates to a sense of completion in terms of the accrual of knowledge, essentially a path leading to enlightenment and wisdom.

Our (or We at Siddhi Silvers) belief resides in the attainment of wisdom through the ways of tradition, soul, and joy.  Our story at Siddhi Silvers began in 2019, when our four Founders, Raj,Sunny,Renu,Jai came together to realize a common vision, an unwavering dedication towards creating unique silver jewelry in the molds of what our Indian tradition has handed down to us generation by generation, spanning over a century of Indian traditional craftsmanship. 

Apart from the creative excellence that we strive to achieve, we try to beautifully combine the ethos of enthusiasm, honesty, hard work, a sense of community and a sense of returning something fruitful to the community through our work. The idea is essentially a belief, a belief in growing sustainably together. We try to focus on giving back to the community by helping with several charities in India. Focusing on endeavors like feeding the hungry, shelter for cows and animals, organizing blood donation camps, and helping towards the education of children in the artisan community. In a way, we fashion ourselves in tradition and we aim to be something more just a brand, instead we look at ourselves as a budding community. For us, jewelry should not just be an accessory but should always impart a meaning. And so with our efforts, we will aim to create something that you love and cherish for years to come.

Our Aim

Our aim as a company also encapsulates our relationship. A direct and heartfelt connection with our costumers. We strive to remove all and any middlemen and source all our material directly from the mines. Our method making middlemen redundant also contributes towards creating better margins as a company and passing those on to the customers in the form of one of the lowest prices on the market. The quality of the material is uncompromised without the need for any outside intervention. And lo! The fruits of our and the artisan's labour lays right for everyone to admire.

Our Mission

At Siddhi Silvers, our mission is to offer beautiful, elegant, and handcrafted semi-precious silver jewelry to our clients at an affordable price without compromising the quality. As we continue to grow, we will be cognizant to hold on to our roots and stay trustworthy with our client base. 

We are passionate to create prodigious products that you will wear with delight and admiration. We take great pleasure and honor from the very start of our production to the moment it leaves our hands onto yours.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep the ages-old tradition of India alive by engaging the ever-shrinking silver craftsman community and creating quality silver jewelry for the global community.

Our Culture


We offer jewelry retailers a profitable combination of beautiful merchandise, wide selection, fast shipping, and outstanding service.

At Siddhi Silvers each piece is crafted with utmost precision.

We conceptualize, design and manufacture each piece in our state of the art facility using latest technology and skilled artisans assuring high quality. Our silver is hallmarked for 925 purity.